Awakening in Sapphire by Jonathan Hawker (ePUB)

awakening in sapphire, jonathan hawker

Awakening in Sapphire (Once & Forever Kings #1) by Jonathan Hawker – Free eBooks Download


Camelot is fallen. King Arthur is dead. The world carries on, slouching toward its final breath.

“I do what I have to just to stomach this cesspool I woke up to!”
Seventeen hundred years after the events that shaped him into a villain of legend, Morgan le Fay wakes, little more than flashes of his life past to guide the way. Thus, he dons the mantle the world has fashioned for him, cloaking his true identity beneath the guise of a mercenary—teaching the neon city of Etna that he is not one to be trifled with.

“And me? What about my life helped you stomach this place?”
Aaron Jones will never know a land beyond this one, and while it may not be a place of fairytales, he does everything within his limited power as an officer with the ECPD to make it safe. That is until his efforts lead him to a dark alley in the middle of a city-wide blackout, and a jab to the neck lands him on Etna’s missing persons list.
The past and future collide in Etna—one of the final bastions of humanity—as Morgan navigates the schemes of the corporate giant, Esotech, the politics of the Occult Community—and the notion that he could be so much more than the world remembers.

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