Awakened By the Cowboy by Lena Cove (ePUB)

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Awakened by the Cowboy (Iron H Ranch #2) by Lena Cove – Free eBooks Download


My best friend thinks she’s doing me a favor when she places a bid on a spend-a-day with a cowboy auction for my birthday. She knows it’s for a good cause that’s close to my heart and who doesn’t want to spend the day with a hot cowboy? It’s a great plan except for one tiny problem – the cowboy she bid on is my ex-boyfriend from high school. When my bid wins the auction I try to come up with an excuse to just give the money and skip my day with the sexy cowboy, but no one will accept that I’m suddenly moving to Portugal. So, for the sake of the horses, I guess I’m going to saddle up.

Working on a ranch is all I ever wanted to do and she deserved someone who wanted more. Our break-up was mutual and we’re friendly in town, but seeing her name as the winner of the spend-a-day with a cowboy still surprises me. Then I hear she’s telling some crazy story about moving to Portugal to try and get out of spending time with me. She always was a bit wild, it was one of the things that drew me to her. I’m going to get to the bottom of this and if I get to spend the day with the woman I’ve never gotten over…it’s for the horses, right?

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