Awaken by Adam Dark (ePUB)

awaken, adam dark

Awaken (Uniting the Clans #1) by Adam Dark, Matthew Thrush – Free eBooks Download


When magic starts returning to the world, all of magic kind faces war, persecution and death.

Mira has hit rock bottom: she has missed the only job interview she’s had in months and got evicted from her childhood home. Just when she thought that her life couldn’t get any worse, a man bursts through her door using magic, and shows her she can shift into a lion.
With the soul of her Guardian ancestor fueling her inherited destiny and no time to process what exactly life has thrown in her lap, Mira will have to come to terms with who she is, all while holding the fate of the world in her hands.
As she gets entangled in her family’s past, Mira must choose between the world she has always known, and the outlawed world of magic. Will Mira be able to accept that the sacrifices she must make are only the beginning in order to save the beings hunted to near extinction?

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