Avoiding Her Romantic Love by Eliza Quinn (ePUB)

avoiding her romantic love, eliza quinn

Avoiding Her Romantic Love (The Verner Boys of Vineyard Springs #5) by Eliza Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Malcom’s certain love doesn’t exist. Emma has been in love with him since fourteen.

Malcom Verner sees Emma as the younger sister he never had. So when he needs a date for his brother’s wedding, she’s a last minute thought he nearly discarded… but his brother demanded he bring someone. She agrees, and he realizes he’s in over his head when he sees her in that green dress…
Emma has been in love with Malcom for so long she knows that he’ll never see her as more than a little sister. She knows that by going with him to his brother’s wedding, she’s only torturing herself. But some part of her hopes that maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance he’ll realize he’s wrong about her… and about love.
Can Malcom move past his stubborn nature to see Emma as the woman she is? Can the pair finally give love a chance? What is it about weddings that changes everything?

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