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Avelina (The Cult of Anick #1) by L. E. Brooks – Free eBooks Download


A near-death experience awakens a hidden power in Avelina (Lina) Silva—magical abilities that could help bring freedom to an oppressed world, or act as the catalyst to resurrect a great evil.

When a horseback riding accident near her family’s stables in California causes Lina to briefly die, it unlocks something hidden deep within, and brings forth powers that make her a target of a dangerous fanatic from another realm. As Lina returns home to recover, a mysterious guest arrives at the ranch, a woman, out-of-place in the world around her, who begins to stalk the injured Lina.
Lured into the nearby woods, Lina is thrown through an ethereal portal to Monash—a harsh, pre-industrial world filled with dangerous creatures and a deadly cult called the Ministry, who subjugate and control the people living under their rule using powerful magic.
Trapped in a world that is not her own, and struggling to understand the abilities she now wields, Lina must place her trust in Aaron, a wary outlaw, if she is to find her way back home. With her trusted dog, Rogue, by her side, the young woman is thrust into a perilous adventure to free Monash from tyrannical rule. But, as Lina’s power grows, can she control the magic that flows within her? Or will she be seduced by darker forces and trigger the return of an ancient evil?

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