Ashes To Ashes by A.G. Harris (ePUB)

ashes to ashes, ag harris

Ashes To Ashes (The Rites of Passage #1) by A.G. Harris – Free eBooks Download


I believed it all once, the fairytale, that is. When I was a teenager, I was like you, you poor naive thing. Stick around, and I’ll show you how to become a better version of yourself. The villain. It’s the villain that has all the fun. Corruption, lies, and anarchy are a minefield of excitement!
Boom, boom, baby!
You see, I was the commoner who fell for the handsome king. He promised me a future by his side and handed me a red rose, but the thorns cut me deep when I took it. The fantasy shattered, and the king killed everything in my world, including me…or so he thought.
I became a ghost dragged deep into the underworld that my uncle controlled. No longer human but now a pawn, a possession. For years I suffered the games until one day, my soul slipped free from hell and came back to wander the earth.
The thing about ghosts is they are not truly dead. They are left to linger and, most notably, to haunt. I would flip the roles and seduce the king this time. I’d take his kingdom, his power, and control. I’d crush him into ashes beneath my Prada boots.

Ashes to ashes, they will all fall down because I’m the plague baby, and I’m going to leave nothing but dust in my trail.

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