As Thick As Thieves by R.E. Bond (ePUB)

as thick thieves, re bond

As Thick As Thieves (The Night Thieves #2) by R.E. Bond – Free eBooks Download


He betrayed me.
In doing so, he betrayed his friends too.
My freedom was short lived, and now I’m shackled in this prison once more.
Waiting to be saved was the reason I held on, but as the weeks pass, I know I’m on my own.
Broken and bleeding, my hurt turns to anger.
New allies give me hope, and for once, I don’t have to run.
My peace doesn’t last long though when the Night Thieves hunt me down.
I try to keep my walls up around them but it’s hard when they were deceived too.
I’ll never let him into my heart, the villain in my story.
No matter how much he begs.
Caught in a web of lies and fake friendships, time is running out.
Enemies become friends, and friends become enemies.
When bullets fly and lives are at stake, we have no choice but to work together.
It’s time to show the world that we really are as thick as thieves.

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