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aria, jennifer hartmann

Aria (Duet #1) by Jennifer Hartmann – Free eBooks Download


When an up-and-coming rock band plays at her lounge one night, waitress Chelsie Combs is thoroughly unimpressed. It’s going to take more than a seriously hot lead singer making eyes at her to push past the walls she’s spent years building.

Noah Hayes has his own reasons for keeping secrets, but when the lead singer of his band starts falling for some waitress, he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t get in the way of their dreams.

Still, it would be easier if that waitress didn’t accidentally spill her darkest secrets to him one night.

And it‘d be a lot easier if she didn’t look at him like she saw right through him.

When Chelsie’s skeletons break free of her closet and threaten more than just her life, but that of those she loves most, Noah is the last person she should be leaning on.

If only she could convince her heart.

** The story continues in “Coda” (Duet Series: Book 2 of 2) to be released early summer of 2020!
** Trigger warnings: talk of past rape and on-page assault.

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