Apparently, I’m Torture by Demi Blaize (ePUB)

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Apparently, I’m Torture (The Double Shot Duet #2) by Demi Blaize – Free eBooks Download


From the author of Apparently, I’m A B!tch comes a new Double Shot rom-com in which a teacher is forced to work on a fundraiser with her ex-co-worker-turned-closest-friend-turned-hated-rival – with risky results.

Lilly Fares is not a people-pleasing pushover. At least, not anymore. Right?
Cue Trevor Atkins, the head teacher of her nightmares. Thanks to his threats to fire Lilly, she can’t help but fold into old, torturous, habits.
To save her dream-job teaching literature, Trevor forces her to take his place in the upcoming Educational Arts Fundraiser, where she runs into long-time frenemy Shawn Jackson.
The Great Shawn Jackson, educational thought leader extraordinaire. Cue melodramatic groan.
Years ago, Shawn made his feelings about Lilly crystal clear, and judging by the icy cold front he’s been emanating, nothing will change despite their close quarters.
But as Lilly struggles to fix her career, and Shawn begins to lend a helping hand, things feel… different.
Lilly and Shawn start *gasp* talking.
Suddenly, things don’t seem as bad as they once did.
Suddenly, Lilly starts enjoying herself.
Suddenly, Lilly can’t take her eyes off of Shawn’s sexy, dimpled smile and muscular forearms.
But when it comes time to prove she’s the teacher she was meant to be, will Shawn be able to handle her particular brand of torture?
Apparently, I’m Torture is a smart, swoony, feel-good romantic comedy based on the awfully vague question: Is everything always what it seems?

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