Apparently, I’m A B!tch by Demi Blaize (ePUB)

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Apparently, I’m A B!tch (The Double Shot Duet #1) by Demi Blaize – Free eBooks Download


Nikki is not a b!tch… is she?
Starting her career as a lawyer in New York has been the most difficult challenge she’s faced so far, but when her best friend, Tristan, decides to buy and renovate the one place she’s always used as an escape, Nikki’s unfiltered opinion wounds not only Tristan’s pride, but their nine-year long friendship.
Everything is awkward now… but Tristan still loves everything about Nikki. Her honesty, her bravery and her social justice streak have inspired him to give meaning to his art. She might not know it yet, but the wall her honesty built was made to be broken down–and Tristan knows exactly how to destroy it.

Apparently, I’m A B!tch is a sexy swoony angsty romantic comedy based on the age-old question: Is honesty always the best policy?
If you enjoyed Love Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood, Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez, or The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren, you’ll love this book!

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