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anzil, miranda martin

Anzil (Gladiators of Krix #2) by Miranda Martin, James D Horton – Free eBooks Download


I’m a marine. It was my responsibility to protect the generation ship but I failed. I can’t fix the past but I can change our future.
Twelve women were captured besides me and we’ve all been sold into slavery on this insane planet called Krix. Before we arrive at our new master’s home, we’re attacked and four of my girls are captured. This shit just gets better and better.
The situation has changed but my mission is the same. Protect those I swore to, no matter what it takes. I will rescue my missing girls and then I will win our freedom.
It’s not only our alien ‘masters’ that stand in my way though. The biggest problem may be Anzil. He’s big, red, with a rock hard body, and sexy as the devil he could almost pass for. I don’t know if he’s an ally or an enemy but I do know that he makes my heart beat faster, my breath come short, and he’s made it more than clear what he wants. Me.
Can I trust him? Can I rescue my girls? Can I save us from slavery?

I am Primus. The best that House Batius can put onto the sands of the arena. I’ve beaten every gladiator and every monster they’ve sent to stand against me.
No one dares stand against me. Except Kiara.
She’s tiny. With full lips, dark skin, an unruly mop of hair, and a backside that is made for tumbling. But she’s also brash, loud, and a highly skilled fighter in her own right. She isn’t going to back down for anyone or anything and the more she stands up to me, the more I want her.
I’ve never questioned my life as a Primus, owned by House Batius, but if my female wants freedom? I’ll take on the entire planet to make sure Kiara is liberated. I’ll do anything for what’s mine. And she is mine.

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