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Angle of Pursuit by Jamie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


Aubin had a plan…and this wasn’t it.

Never, not once in a million years, did Aubin Frazier think that she would end up like this: single again, rejected by her family and friends, and totally broke. Seriously? How had those things happened to a woman who was, let’s face it, renowned for being the best? For getting ahead? For winning?
Now she’s living in a mostly unfurnished condo that she can’t afford and her teenage neighbor, Parker, becomes her best—and only—friend. The other unit in their complex belongs to Robby Baines, the pro-football player. He’s extremely cute and charming, of course, but Aubin’s not interested in any of that. Even if she was, Robby has a line of women following after him, young, beautiful women who are just starting off their perfect lives. The line leads right into his bedroom and he’s not looking for anything more from them.
Aubin can see that he leads a charmed existence, and why would Robby want to get involved with a loser like she is? Funny, but it does seem that he wants to be friends. He seems to want to be a big, strong, steady fixture in her life and in Parker’s—and it also seems that they both need him there.
If Robby can get past her defenses, Aubin might have a chance at a different kind of a win. He’ll just need to find the best angle…

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