And Kelsey Makes Three by Viola Quincy (ePUB)

and kelsey makes three, viola quincy

And Kelsey Makes Three (Galactic Love Stories #3) by Viola Quincy – Free eBooks Download


Kelsey- My twenty-first birthday should have been a really fun day, instead I dumped my jerk of a boyfriend when I caught him kissing my so-called best friend… his hand was on her boob…and instead I partied with a bunch of handsy sailors. Getting away from them, I drunkenly wandered the waterfront of Liberty Bay, trying to walk off the booze before driving home when I was abducted by these creepy, scrawny aliens. The other ladies and I were rescued by this group of muscle bound alien marines. Who knew that there were so many different types of gorgeous males in the Universe, I was very intrigued by these beautiful men, but the Captain, of the new ship we are on, and his brother are a pair of sticks in the mud, who thwart my attempts to flirt with the plethora of beefcake on this ship. It is weird though, I find them to be the most gorgeous and interesting of all the males. My dreams are of doing all the naughty things with them… With both of them…What kind of girl am I?

Tet and Tan – Yes, we are twins with a psychic connection. We have found our mate and it is a big problem for us. Like many species under the Galactic Federation, our species has few females for mating with and, as Akadianans, we hoped to find that special female that would be our mate and fit into our life, but had little hope. Then we met her…a human…One of the females we liberated from the Misagian slavers. She is chaos personified and she is creating mayhem among our crew with her antics! How could the gods bring this immature youngling into our lives… though we have been assured she is an adult, which is good, because we both desire her in a way that would be inappropriate if she wasn’t of age. Both of us must find a way to tame our mate or we may be forced to never mate,…

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