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An Outlaw Monster (Back Down Devil MC #10) by London Casey – Free eBooks Download


She was going to kill one of my brothers… so I was sent to stop her – by any means necessary.

This is the story of how she ended up my old lady, wearing my ink, and wearing a damn engagement ring.

Someone’s taken out a hit on one of our members. As the club’s enforcer, it’s my job to stop the killer and I’m ready to do whatever it takes… until I come face to face with the assassin. Harlee is five feet four of hot-headed trouble with curves that won’t quit. One look into those green eyes and I know I can’t kill her… but I can’t let her go, either. To save her and save the club, I do the only thing I can: put a ring on her finger.

But now I’ve lied to my brothers and I’ve got a woman I’m crazy about sleeping in my bed. Our relationship is fake but the way I feel about her is real… and so is the danger we’re in. We’re both now targets of a rival MC just as a crucial deal for Back Down Devil MC is underway. I want Harlee to be my woman for keeps, whoever I have to kill to make that happen.

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