An Earl’s Fake Courtship by Aria Norton (ePUB)

earl's fake courtship, aria norton

An Earl’s Fake Courtship by Aria Norton – Free eBooks Download


In the aftermath of a family torn apart by betrayal, Sophie Holmes finds herself at the mercy of her brother’s demands to get married to an unnerving Duke. While she longs to find love on her own terms, her once-promised freedom fades into the shadows of duty and expectation. As the Season begins and the courtship forced upon her seems a dead end, her brother’s friend, Harry, emerges as an unexpected ally. Soon, Sophie agrees to follow his scheme and pretend courtship to shield themselves from the relentless pursuit of unwanted suitors.

If only she knew she would be trapped in her well-crafted web…
Harry Summers, the dashing Earl of Marlow, seeks to evade marriage having no intention of looking for a wife and settling down until duty calls. To appease his mother while securing their earldom and escape the advances of an overbearing Lady, he comes up with a special solution. Yet, amidst the charade, he discovers unexpected emotions for Sophie, questioning if his pretence may lead to genuine love.

Will his trick prove to be a fateful journey to his true feelings?
Sophie and Harry realize that they’ve been dancing around their feelings for each other for a long time. Amidst whispers of scandal and hidden agendas, they have to confront their real emotions before it’s too late. Can they break free from the constraints of society, embrace their unconventional love, and trust each other? Will Sophie and Harry unravel the mysteries of their hearts turning what started as a mere alliance into a true loving fairytale?

“An Earl’s Fake Courtship” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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