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Ammo (Savage Saints MC #11) by Autumn Summers – Free eBooks Download


He warned the whole MC to keep their paws off his sister, but Ammo just can’t stay away.

The moment she walks through that door, I feel it.
Something I’ve never felt before.
I’ve been with hundreds of women in ‘Nam, it was a different girl, or two, every night.
But, this girl makes me feel alive, she makes me tingle inside without even touching her.
I can see that she feels it too, I don’t care if she’s my best friends little sister, I need to make her mine!

It feels like I’m struck with a bolt of lightning when I walk through the door and see him standing there.
I need to be with him, whoever he is.
I don’t care that I just got out of a relationship, this is something different.
This connection we feel, before either one of exchange any words, is unexplainable.
But, he’s my brother’s best friend and my brother has a record of beating down any guy that comes near me.
I don’t want to mess up their friendship, let alone have my brother get into a fight with this guy.
He may be the one I’ve been looking for all my life, but I may have to pass…

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