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amid our lines, zarah detand

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Realising your new boss is the adult star you fancied as a teenager? Awkward.

In the snow-kissed Swiss Alps, Adrian’s world is a high-wire act of old-world charm and new-world problems at the Gletscherhaus Hotel. Enter Eric, an undercover London songwriter, seeking a mental break in a place where the Wi-Fi is as patchy as his past relationships. Waiting tables at a mountain hotel—well, why not?
But it’s one thing to meet your new boss; it’s another to recognise him as the star of your teenage daydreams. Talk about an awkwardly comedic meet-cute!
Their solution? A friends-with-benefits arrangement that’s as wobbly as a flat-pack wardrobe with a few screws loose. As Adrian grapples with the hotel’s impending financial doom (and the occasional wood rot), Eric’s secret status as a hitmaker could be the missing piece—or the final twist of the hex wrench.
This lighthearted romp through the Alps is a slow burn of snark, charm, and the kind of romance that proves love can be the ultimate life hack. It’s a small-town tale of opposites attracting, of a fish out of water finding his stream, and of a found family that extends beyond bloodlines. As Eric and Adrian’s no-strings fling skids on the icy slopes of undefined love, they must decide whether to crash into the snowbank of fleeting passion or to build something that stands as tall as the mountains around them.

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