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always yours, mallory funk

Always Yours (Vicious Snakes MC #10) by Mallory Funk – Free eBooks Download


I have loved Derek Knight for most of my life.
He was an unexpected surprise when I ran away from my home,
and my family.
Something drew me to him from the start.
Throughout the years, I’ve stood by his side.
We have been through many challenges, and had many enemies who tried to hurt us and our club.
Now, my past comes back to haunt me.
I have to go back to the very place I had escaped from
to save the man I love from my father.
I hope I can make it before it’s too late.

Derek “Prez”
After an explosion took down my club, I wake up in an unfamiliar place.
A man with a sinister and cruel smile taunts me with his intention for my abduction; he waits and hopes for Lily to return to him.
She’s mine, he can’t have her.
The trouble is in the unknown,
I don’t know who is alive or dead from the blast.
As my body fights to stay alive from this sickness, I know there isn’t much time before it’s too late.
I only hope I can stay alive long enough to see my Lily one last time…

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