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always together, quinn ward

Always Together (The Boys of Talbert Hall #2) by Quinn Ward – Free eBooks Download


They’ve been best friends since they were little. Can their relationship survive the secrets one of them has been keeping? No one believes Matt when he swears he and his roommate are just friends. That probably has something to do with the way he looks at Brandon when he thinks no one is watching and the fact Brandon doesn’t balk whenever Matt teasingly calls him Daddy.

Everything changes when they go home for winter break…
Brandon doesn’t like the feeling that Matt’s pulling away from him. He’s always been the person Matt leaned on when he felt scared and alone, but he’s barely seen his best friend since dropping him off at his mom’s for the break.

They can’t hold out any longer…
Once Brandon forces him to open up, Matt finally admits he wants something more from Brandon. He never expected his friend’s reply to be a mind-blowing kiss. But just being together isn’t enough…
The more Matt reveals, the closer he pushes Brandon to his limits. Will he be able to accept Matt’s need to regress or will that be the secret that destroys their friendship?

Always Together is the second book in The Boys of Talbert Hall, the newest series set in the kinky town of Annandale. If you’re in the mood for the perfect combination of silly, sweet, and spicy, you’re going to love watching Matt try to wiggle his way into Daddy’s heart.

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