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alpha's redemption, jessica hall

Alpha’s Redemption- My Luna Has A Son (Regret #2) by Jessica Hall – Free eBooks Download


Everly emerged from the shadows of disgrace and rejection, not just surviving but thriving. She’s forged an empire from the scorned and the forgotten. Everly, cast aside by her own pack, faced a path that should have led to her ruin. Yet, in the face of betrayal and adversity, she didn’t break; instead, she forged herself into something powerful.
But the past isn’t easily forgotten.
Alpha Valen, a man haunted by regret, reappears, seeking redemption. He finds a woman unbroken, unclaimed, and unparalleled. Valen is fighting for love and acceptance in Everly’s world, where strength is born from betrayal, and power rises from the ashes of heartbreak.
Everly’s battle is two-fold – a public fight for the dignity of the rogues and a private war against the magnetic pull of a mate bond she neither wants nor trusts. Valen thought he could claim her, but he’s met with a reality where the woman before him wasn’t to be claimed but respected, a force not to be contained but reckoned with.

Trigger Warning
This book contains sensitive content including SA, grief, loss, and violence. Reader discretion is advised as some may find these topics triggering.
However, much like the first book, these girls can survive anything, and everything and come out stronger for it.

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