Alpha Shifter by Alexa Griffin (ePUB)

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Alpha Shifter (Magical Wolf Town #1) by Alexa Griffin – Free eBooks Download


He is loud, arrogant, and talks like everyone owes him something. Including me.
He showed up in our small town to be the new Alpha of the pack.
He sure has the annoyingly dominant personality for it, but there’s one thing he doesn’t know.
This place is full of witchcraft and magical forces that are dangerous for shifters like him.
There is one condition he has to fulfill to become Alpha: to find a mate.
I tell myself that I don’t care whom he will pick.
The thing that happened between us that night… it means nothing.
I don’t like him, and all we do is fight. We don’t get along. Period.
But strange things have been happening to my body ever since I met him.
His kiss brings out a hidden part of me, a part that yearns for his touch.
I’ve been feeling this strange and tingling sensation in my veins.
Like there’s something glowing inside of me.
Has he unlocked the witch inside of me?

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