Along Came You by Heather Miekstyn (ePUB)

along came you, heather miekstyn

Along Came You (Detectives in Love #2) by Heather Miekstyn – Free eBooks Download


A dental hygienist determined to never fall in love. A detective who keeps dating casual. One life-changing bucket list that will test both of their resolutions…

If there’s one thing Lucy Bradley is sure of, it’s that she doesn’t even like Detective What’s-His-First-Name-Stafford. Oh, and that all of the chance run-ins she’s been having with the man lately are anything but serendipitous. She also definitely knows that.

So when, during one such non-serendipitous encounter, Stafford discovers the bucket list contained in her late mother’s journal, the last thing she expects is to hear herself accepting his offer to help her complete it. Especially given list item number ten, which may or may not include a very specific type of kiss.

It’s fine, though. Working together doesn’t change the cold hard facts: Lucy doesn’t like him, she’s definitely not attracted to him, and, most importantly, she will not be kissing him—bucket list or not.

Only as they make their way through the list, Lucy discovers things about Stafford that challenge every preconception she’s ever held about him, things that maybe even make her want to call him her friend. But as they near the end of the list, the line between friendship and love starts to blur and Lucy realizes that there might be more than just one kiss on a bucket list to think about. In fact, lately all she can think about is every kiss for the rest of her life…and how there’s only one man she wants those kisses to be with.
him to help prove her innocence. All while keeping her feelings for him from spiraling out of control.
Right, so four problems, then…

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