All’s Fair in Dare And Domination by Rikki Leighton (ePUB)

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All’s Fair in Dare And Domination (All’s Fair #2) by Rikki Leighton – Free eBooks Download


Two years ago, something inside me changed, and I’ve been punishing the people I love ever since.
Last semester, I nearly torched my relationship with my best friend. Destroyed the only frame I’ve ever truly fit into.
I caught feelings where they didn’t belong and drowned myself in the only comfort I’ve known: numbing my mind with pills and alcohol. The aftermath? A stint in rehab and university probation.
There’s no lifeline strong enough to keep my head above water, but that doesn’t stop Corvin Morales from taking the reins and forcing me to shore.
The man whose eyes haunt my dreams from a dangerous mix of terror and desire.
Corvin promises he can tame my destructive tendencies, quell the excruciating pain deep inside if I submit to one simple request: give my body and pleasure over to him.
It’s intoxicating, and for an addict like me, the more euphoric marks he covers me in, the more comfortable in my pain I become.
If all the love in the world can’t save me, maybe some cruelty can. Or maybe we’ll end up right back where we started: one man at the end of his rope and another powerless to stop the noose from catching.

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