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All Wrapped Up (Curves for Christmas) by Aurora Paige – Free eBooks Download


Alayna Morales:
I built my social media empire needing to prove that I was different than just being the daughter of a felon. Being bullied throughout my life because of who I was related to by blood and not fitting in with the popular kids in school, there was only one friend that remained by my side—Kai. I crushed so hard on him but knew that he only thought of me as a sister. It was a silly childhood crush anyway. I got over it when he was drafted in the NFL, and I focused solely on my own career. When he returned home for the holidays and told me he was staying for good, all my feels for him returned. I’m all wrapped up as his Christmas gift this year— I just hope that he decides to keep me since it’s a no return policy with our friendship.

Kai Kekoa:
Football was my life. I was an MVP quarterback that all the NFL talked about until it was taken away from me. Forced to retire early after a concussion that could’ve paralyzed me, I had to figure out what I needed to do for the rest of my life, so I packed up and returned to my hometown of Bourbon, Texas. The first person I go see is my long-time and closest friend—Alayna—and everything started feeling right again. When she told me she needed help with the Holiday Gift Drive, I didn’t hesitate to be her Christmas Elf. What I didn’t expect was to find myself falling for Alayna. Should I risk our friendship to be with her? Or am I too far in the friendzone?

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