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All The Time (Hard-Won Love #2) by Autumn Miller – Free eBooks Download


Nora Moretti came into my life like an exploding bomb, so it should come as no surprise that my first impression of her would be ever-lasting. Unshakeable and life-affirming. That she’d knock me off balance in more ways than one.
Her husky laugh gave me butterflies, her teasing nature made my heart flip.
I thought about her and her crazy, curly hair all the time.
But if I was going to make her mine, there were two obstacles to overcome. One, she had just started dating my brother. And two, she was still in love with an ex.

Liam Alston’s dimples were bad news.
So was his easy smile and his bed hair and his all round witty, wicked banter.
He had charm to burn, his looks and words incendiary, the matchstick to the stone cold fires of my broken heart.
Our chance meeting changed the course of my life, showing me that perfect boyfriends existed, ones that looked like Liam, but who, cruelly, couldn’t ever be Liam.
Until, one night, he decided to show me otherwise. When we stepped beyond the boundaries of our fateful friendship and I moved in with him. When he told me he’d love me so hard I’d never want to let him go.

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