All the Stars in Her Hand by Laura Briggs (ePUB)

all stars hand, laura briggs

All the Stars in Her Hand (A Cornish Hotel by the Shore #8) by Laura Briggs – Free eBooks Download


Unthinkable tragedy again strikes Maisie’s world during the holiday to see Petra, leaving both her and Sidney reeling from its consequences. Returning home to Cornwall, the shadows of the past catch up with their lives at last when an enterprising journalist stumbles upon the real secret of Alistair Davies. The ensuing media frenzy ushers in the return of the unscrupulous literary agent Dean feared, who applies pressure in all the wrong ways to threaten the fourth novel’s progress.
Hounded by press and embittered by the hurt the revelation caused in the people he cares about, Sidney makes the decision to leave Cornwall, jeopardizing their future plans. His choice becomes the catalyst for the choice Maisie makes next: one which finds her taking her future into her own hands to overcome the forces which threaten her happiness. Torn between her book’s success, the bonds of home, and her intense love for Sidney, she has to decide on the right course of action if she wants to reclaim what she loves most.
Leaping from the shores of Cornwall to the canals of Venice — then across the sea to a remote island off the coast of the famed Emerald one — the final chapter in Maisie’s story bring her full circle, and decides not only the fate of Alistair Davies, but whether the strength of their love is everything they believed.

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