All Our Flaws by Diana Nixon (ePUB)

all our flaws, diana nixon

All Our Flaws (Saint No More #2) by Diana Nixon – Free eBooks Download


Not all souls are pure. Some are made of scars, sins, and sorrows. And mine? It’s dipped in all of the above.
Four years ago, losing my high school love wrecked me to the core.
I was sure I’d never find a reason to live my life without Khloe. But then, I met someone…
A girl whose scars were as deep as mine. She covered them with ink, dark eyeshadow, and long black robes. But underneath her darkness, there was the light I craved to touch.
We licked each other’s wounds and healed our bleeding hearts.
And at some point, we went too far…
She said she was falling in love with me, and I told her to leave, too scared to feel things and betray my undying love for Khloe.
And now, the girl I’ve been resisting for so long is back in town, all grown up and stunningly dazzling.
And me?
I’m still obsessed with the idea of sinning with her…

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