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all in, tricia wentworth

All In (Snowed In #3) by Tricia Wentworth – Free eBooks Download


After retiring from the majors, Mason Sawyer has built a quiet life back in Homesteel. Running a veterinary clinic and volunteering with a local youth group, Mason thinks he has all that he needs to live a full life. That is, until he receives word that his high school ex is back in town. Given their rocky history, Mason wants to avoid an unpleasant confrontation, though nothing could prepare him for the way they finally see one another again after thirteen years.

Ava Taylor had a baby at twenty years old and has dealt with more than her fair share of small-town whispers over the years. As a single mom, she never wanted to return to Homesteel and be subjected to more prying eyes. But when her Nanna passes away and Ava is gifted her house, Ava and Kate end up doing exactly that. Knowing that Mason Sawyer is back in Homesteel, Ava desperately hopes they can each stick to their own corners of the sleepy little Nebraska town. Despite keeping her guard up, she’s completely unprepared when she’s brought face-to-face with Mason for the first time in over a decade.

When a Christmas storm blows in, Mason and Ava are forced to spend some time together. After thirteen years, they still have a lot of unanswered questions left between them, and maybe even a spark or two. But with such a hurtful past, is it even possible to consider second chances? Can they ever forgive each other? Or themselves?

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