All Hallows Night by Leigh Kelsey (ePUB)

all hallows night, leigh kelsey

All Hallows Night (Sick and Twisted #1) by Leigh Kelsey – Free eBooks Download


It was a normal Halloween party until the cult crashed it.

I expected beer kegs and douche-bros trying to grind on me. I didn’t expect blood, chanting, and a twisted ritual.
It turns out our college is home to the Cult of Nightmare—criminals and creeps who worship the living embodiment of traumatic dreams. The goddess herself transformed fifty college students into our Halloween costumes. And bound us to her command.
Now, our little town of Ford’s End is overrun with witches, ghosts, sexy nuns—and me, the bride of death.
See, Nightmare has a bone to pick with the other gods, and she’s using us to do her dirty work.
There’s just one problem: Death, who shows up with his two lieutenants, Misery and Torment, to claim what’s theirs.
Their bride. Me.

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