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All for Knot (The Packverse #1) by Ember Blaze – Free eBooks Download


It’s the night before my wedding, and I just found out my beta fiancé is cheating on me.
When I receive a series of texts from the other woman, complete with photos and screenshots, I have to make a choice.

Option #1: Roll over and take it, because that’s what everyone expects from people like me.
Option #2: Maturely contact him before the wedding and call things off.
Option #3: Show up at the church in full bridal regalia and blow up his effing life.

Guess which option I chose?
Revenge is sweet, right up until he destroys me in turn, leaving me with nothing and no one. Penniless, with no job, no family, and no place to live, I accept help from the charismatic owners of Club Zephyr, London’s hottest new adult nightspot.
Gruff ex-constable Spencer, who plays white knight on his days off. Dark-eyed Hamid, whose hidden depths are even darker than mine. Aloof Xavier, with his tragic past and lonely present. And sweet, broken Angel, whose trust issues pulse through his veins like fresh blood.
Our sharp edges should slice each other to ribbons, but instead, we slot together like puzzle pieces. I never wanted a pack, but now I’m second-guessing myself. As we inch closer, I feel myself sliding into a new kind of danger.
It’s easy to say “no strings attached,” but how long can I keep my heart unbound?

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