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Earth has been dead for a long, long time. Humanity has lived in isolated underground vaults for so long, ‘the surface’ is just a legendary fable most folks don’t actually believe in anymore.
Soleil has spent her 23 years surrounded by concrete walls and dim lights–and, apparently, surrounded by lies as well. At first, her passion to learn the truth about her parents is what drives her to breaking into the vault overseer’s office to gather proof from his computer, but she finds far more than she bargained for when she stumbles into a report confirming the surface has been safe to live on for hundreds of years.
Stubborn, passionate, and confident to a fault, Soleil can’t let that news pass by without investigating.
Despite her chronic illness and now bolstered with the truth about who her parents were, Soleil kindly forces her way out of the vault and is the first human in almost a millennium to step foot on the forest floor above.
She didn’t expect to find aliens on Earth’s surface, though.
Chai Charoen and his people have been here for a while now, trying to revive the planet back to full health again. But with the peaceful come the ravenous–intelligent and wily insectoid people known as nyd. Chai Charoen is a hunter, scouting the forests for wild game and enforcing the border to keep nyd away from his people’s territory–and stumbling across a strange, delicate, pale little creature like Soleil is the last thing he expected.
With a gap in communication, neither can make heads or tails of who the other person is or where they came from, but as we all know–
True love transcends language.
The question now is what Soleil will do when forced to choose between the man she now loves, and returning home to the dark vault to receive life-saving treatment for her illness.
Because her towering, teal, tentacled, fated mate certainly won’t be welcome in her home.

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