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alien pleasures, chloe parker

Alien Pleasures (Cosmic Bonds #3) by Chloe Parker – Free eBooks Download


Nova Reeves was born to live a science fiction life. That life is about to become science fact.

When Nova was a kid, her parents always hoped she’d grow up to work with the newly discovered Lyran race. So when the opportunity rises to head to the first human-Lyran colony of Azoth, she jumps at the chance, taking whatever job she can as long as she can explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy.
The problem? Azoth is home to the Resistance, and it’s in the crosshairs of the Separatists, a group devoted to eradicating human influence in Lyran space.
Lyran film aficionado Solnet Va’rez meets Nova right before everything on Azoth is thrown into chaos, and makes the snap decision to try and rescue his dream girl. They end up getting abducted together instead, taken by the Separatists to an unknown fate.
Nova becomes a lifeline for Solnet through the final volleys of the war, but she isn’t sure how she feels about him. Will Nova return to safety, or will she follow the alien she’s falling for into battle?

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