Alien Devil’s Match by Ava York (ePUB)

alien devil's match, ava york

Alien Devil’s Match (Black Star Mates #5) by Ava York – Free eBooks Download


In the pulsing heart of Thodos III, amidst the dizzying lights of the Black Star Casino, a Vinduthi fighter and a human songstress are bound by fate’s unyielding grip.
Jalik, a towering presence in the boxing ring, commands the crowd’s roar as the casino’s champion. Yet he finds himself unprepared for the quiet storm named Serena, whose voice echoes through the casino like a siren’s call, enchanting all who hear her.
Their worlds collide with a shimmering threat—a taunting bomb from a shadowed admirer turns Jalik into Serena’s fierce protector. In the sanctuary of a dimly lit bar, their guarded hearts collide, igniting a passion that outshines the casino’s neon blaze.
But when Serena is torn from the spotlight into a cold web of ransom and deceit, the stakes soar beyond the ring. Jalik must gamble everything not just to save her, but to win her heart. With a plan as daring as his punches, he risks his title to bring her back to his side.
Will love triumph under the starlit canopy of Thodos III, or will the darkness claim their shot at happiness? Place your bets on Jalik and Serena, where the fight for love is the most enthralling spectacle of all.

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