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Alien Baby Daddy by Athena Storm – Free eBooks Download


The galaxy’s most fearsome warrior is taking on his most dangerous role.
Kindergarten teacher.
Grizz isn’t what you’d expect when you think someone watching over a bunch of booger picking, non-nap taking, 5-year-olds.
He’s huge. With muscles that make a mama swoon and a physique to make her drool.
He’s got that come hither look that melts me.
Oh…and one other thing.
He’s an alien.
He lives among humanity to protect us.
There’s danger at my son’s school where I teach.
So, he goes in undercover.
From Day 1 I know there’s something different about this man.
I’ve never encountered someone as MANLY as him.
Undercover teacher?
More like get under the covers and teach me.
We have some real scary space monsters that are stopping us from doing that though.
They want to destroy the planet and also make sure we don’t get to second base.
Only our love will save the day.
And then…
We’ll work on getting my son a half-alien little brother or sister.

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