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alekos, bethany maines

Alekos (The Rejects Pack #3) by Bethany Maines – Free eBooks Download


Alpha wolf, Alexander Ash has gathered a small group who have all been rejected by their original packs and forged them into family dedicated to finding a cure for the magical wasteland that has stretched across Greece since the devastating Night of 1000 deaths. On the brink of discovering the Nazi secrets when Alex feels like he may finally be able to right the wrongs that fate has dealt him, but when he meets 20-year-old translator Eliandra Smith he finds himself called to her in a way he can’t explain. Abandoned by her parents with no money or passport, Lia is struggling but determined to make it on her own. But as Lia is swept into Alex’s world of mystical beings, magic, and deadly ancient wars, they soon discover that she is tied more closely to his past that she could have imagined. And Alex discovers that while Eliandra might be his fated mate, she also might be the one thing that can kill them all.

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