Aged to Perfection by Merry Farmer (ePUB)

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Aged to Perfection (Unlucky in Love #1) by Merry Farmer – Free eBooks Download


Whoever marries last will inherit a cursed castle.
Lord Cedric Godwin is determined that it won’t be him….
When it comes to love, Cedric was unlucky that the woman who stole his heart was too far beneath him to wed, and that she died in childbirth. Fifteen years later, he must marry, but with a growing cheese-making business to oversee, an export deal to win, and no time for courtship, he takes his best friend’s suggestion and sets off to London to marry the friend’s sister.

But Lady Muriel Grouse is more than Cedric bargained for…
As a member of the notorious Oxford Society ladies, Muriel enjoys a great deal of freedom…and stinging levels of censure from the rest of the ton. Secretly, she is a partner in her brother Arnold’s cheese-making enterprise, and perfectly pleased with her life. When Arnold’s friend and business rival, Lord Cedric appears in London, declaring that they will wed, she is shocked, to say the least.

The trouble is, Muriel likes Cedric, and Cedric admires her more than he anticipated. Their problems should be solved, but Muriel is determined never to marry. And when the two of them band together to assist a damsel in distress, will Cedric be forced to marry elsewhere?

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