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Aftermath (Sin City #11) by Tricia Owens – Free eBooks Download


Maxmillian Poole now runs The Elite Poole Worldwide. Thanks to a lucrative partnership with the billionaire venture capitalist, Axelrod Randolph, Max and his husband Ethan are prepared to expand the company across the globe. But with this bigger business impact comes more personal exposure, and Max and Ethan are unprepared to be thrust beneath the public eye. Painted as the faces of the company, Max and Ethan begin to experience the strain of unwanted celebrity, and Max isn’t happy about it.

When Ethan’s ex-lover, Merrick Felix, comes to town and requests Ethan’s services as a bodyguard, Max is wary of his motives. He can tell that Felix still has feelings for Ethan. But Ethan sticks up for his old flame and demands that Max trust his judgment. With their relationship already under strain, Max reluctantly agrees in hopes of avoiding more turmoil. But it turns out to be a devastating mistake. Unbeknownst to them, outside influences seek to tear them apart and will stoop to terrible lows to achieve it.

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