After I Burn by Melissa Sercia (ePUB)

after i burn, melissa sercia

After I Burn (Immortal Billionaires #4) by Melissa Sercia – Free eBooks Download


Tell me a secret and I’ll tell you a lie…

Vengeance. Destruction. Deceit.
Fortune telling pays the bills. It also allows me access to the most exclusive circles in New York City. Billionaires love a show and I’m good at putting one on. Too bad for them it’s all an illusion. But I’ve learned their secrets and plan to take each one of them down for what they did to my family. Until I meet Kade. He’s cocky, demanding, and hot as hell. A beautiful distraction that I can’t seem to stay away from. But if I let him suck me into his world, I could lose everything.

Dangerous. Sexy. Immortal.
I’m the villain in everyone else’s story except my own. I’m a siphon—a demon who can take power away from other immortals. But I’m not the monster they believe me to be. I’ve been deceived, lied to, and tormented by my maker. My life’s purpose is to destroy her. Until I lay eyes on Brooklyn, the insanely beautiful, sexy, and devious fortune teller. With revenge in her heart and lust in her eyes, she’s become my new obsession. Brooklyn’s as wicked as they come, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.
The moment Kade and Brooklyn meet, a fire blazes between them, hot enough to burn the whole world down. Both on their own paths of destruction, they are drawn to each other’s darkness and twisted games. Their cravings for revenge could bond them together or destroy the last shred of decency they both have left.
When fantasy turns into obsession and desire is a mask the devil wears to seduce, can it ever become love?

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