Across Blood and Stars by L.A. Marie (ePUB)

across stars, la marie

Across Blood and Stars (The Malaki #1) by L.A. Marie – Free eBooks Download


A desperate woman. An escaped criminal. Two worlds thrown together.

Emori is determined to steal the rumored healing device to save her sister. Thwarted in her plans, she hides in an abandoned Malaki ship . . . only to discover it isn’t abandoned at all.
When she realizes it’s being piloted by Thane, one of the most vile criminals she’s heard of, her fear knows no bounds. But she slowly begins to wonder if Thane is as bad as he seems, and if the Malakus aren’t quite the saviors they appear.
Thane curses every god he can think of when he finds a human stowaway on his escape ship. It’s bad enough that she fights him every step of the way, but he must also fight the feelings he’s beginning to have for her.
On their flight across the galaxy, and as Thane and Emori battle back and forth, Emori catches glimpses of the real Thane and realizes he’s not the bad criminal everyone says he is. And Thane knows he’d do anything to protect Emori, the one human he’s learned to care for.

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