Accidentally Pregnant By the Bratva by Isla Brooks (ePUB)

accidentally pregnant, isla brooks

Accidentally Pregnant by the Bratva (Zolotov Bratva #4) by Isla Brooks – Free eBooks Download


It was just one night. One night during which he took my virginity and knocked me up.
I didn’t know his name, and thought I’d never see him again.
But while trying to save my family from debt, I accidentally tread into Bratva territory.
That’s when he decides to kidnap me and informs me that we’re getting married…pronto.
I thought my life was mine, but the Bratva taught me otherwise.
My life belongs to him, and my body has no choice.
It’s embarrassingly hormonal, and it can’t help but want his hands everywhere.
But he’s making me beg for it, until I’m almost delirious with want.
He interrogates me thoroughly, asking me intimate questions that make me squirm.
He’s hot and cold, growing distant and getting close when he wants to.
But as the baby in my belly grows, and I am taken to the darkest of places…
Will he leave me behind to crumble and die?
Or will he burn down the heavens until he gets me back?

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