Accidentally Finding His Little by Penny Snoak (ePUB)

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Accidentally Finding His Little (Daddy’s Accidental Little #10) by Penny Snoak – Free eBooks Download


No one ever plans on finding love. For most people, it just happens. When it does, it’ll change lives.

No one ever looks forward to their twenty-fourth birthday.
Even as a taken Little, it can be incredibly stressful.
My worst fears came to life the day Ian left me for some fresh out of high school Little.
Now, I’m all on my own, and I’m embracing my work.
That is until I met him…
Tall, strong, handsome, sexy
He’s everything I could dream of,
But there’s no way he’s interested in me.

Being a doctor at the nursing home isn’t what I had in mind.
I used to own my own practice, but, after getting divorced, I lost everything.
I miss being able to do what I wanted to.
I used to save lives, but, now, I simply prolong them.
That is until I meet her…
Short, sexy, beautiful, and broken
I didn’t expect to fall in love so quick,
But, now that I have, I can’t stay away.
Love always seems to find a way in the city of Chicago. Regardless of how brokenhearted someone gets, they always have a chance to find love. There is no escaping it.

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