A Virgin for the Mafia Daddy by Magnolia Cole (ePUB)

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A Virgin for the Mafia Daddy by Magnolia Cole – Free eBooks Download


I sold the only valuable commodity I had to save my sister from a certain fate…
My virginity.
My big sister is my guardian angel… and right now? She’s in trouble. Big trouble.
My angel needs someone to save her… and unfortunately, all she’s got is me. The unlucky heroine.

Seriously, I’m the most unlucky person in the world. You know how some people can step out of their office on a rainy day without an umbrella and find that the rain stops the two minutes it takes them to walk to their car? Yeah, that ain’t me. Me? I’m the person who gets caught in pouring rain on the two-minute walk to my car, only to be met with sunshine as soon as I’m inside.
But when Cain Romero buys my virginity, I wonder if maybe my luck is changing for the better.
Because this man is sin on a stick…
And if Cain Romero is the devil? Then I’m cashing in my ticket to heaven for a one-way-ticket to hell.

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