A Very Monstrous Desire by April Andrews (ePUB)

very monstrous desire, april andrews

A Very Monstrous Desire (Monstrously Inclined #1) by April Andrews – Free eBooks Download


Rips have opened between our dimension and the monster dimension, allowing thousands of monsters to come through into our world. Some of those monsters have come to fight, some have come in peace, and some have other plans entirely…
When Theo Anderson is conscripted into the new Monster Defence Force his only thought is how quickly he can get discharged. Theo doesn’t care that there are monsters terrorising the coast of Somerset, all he wants is to be left alone, living in his very tidy home, doing his very ordered job, and living his very organised life.
But when Theo is separated from his unit and captured by a monster that looks like he’s walked straight out of one of Theo’s fantasies, he will soon discover that not everything can be controlled, and sometimes it is easier to let someone, or something take the lead.

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