A Very Grumpy Billionaire by Shaw Hart (ePUB)

very grumpy billionaire, shaw hart

A Very Grumpy Billionaire (Wolf Valley: Grumps #3) by Shaw Hart – Free eBooks Download


It was just supposed to be a business deal…

When my parents died and left me the wolf sanctuary in Wolf Valley, it was a dream come true for me.
Then I started looking at the finances and realized just how screwed I was.
The sanctuary is losing money, a lot of money, and I need to come up with some cash fast in order to save it.
When some hot-shot billionaire shows up in town, I’m not sure what to expect.
Our first meeting is magical. I’ve never felt that way about anyone before. It was just an instant connection.
Then I find out that he’s here to buy the sanctuary.
My attraction to him is strong, but there’s no way that I’m selling the land to him.
I just need to be strong and keep my distance from him.

I’ve done a hundred business deals over the last few years, so this one should be easy.
Then I get to Wolf Valley and hit my first snag.
Vera Wright.
One look at her and I forget all about buying land and opening my new resort.
I don’t care about business anymore. I just want her heart.
Too bad for me, Vera doesn’t trust me.
Now I need to figure out a way to win my girl over and make her mine forever.
This is the most important deal I’ve ever done and I’m not about to mess it up.

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