A Vengeful Viscount by Tammy Andresen (ePUB)

vengeful viscount, tammy andresen

A Vengeful Viscount (Lords of Temptation #9) by Tammy Andresen – Free eBooks Download


“I’ve just made a deal with the devil…”

Nellie was the sort of good that other mothers like to use as an example. Not hers, of course.
But when an illness ravages her lungs and she’s not sure how she’ll ever lead a normal life, or how long she’ll even be alive, she decides it’s time to really live, her mother be damned. Or perhaps, that’s Nellie herself.
Because the moment Viscount Northville, enters her life, tempted doesn’t begin to describe how she feels. He is everything that Nellie is not. Older, mysterious, handsome as sin, and he hides the sorts of secrets that give her the chills.
Which makes him perfect. Why shouldn’t she taste what is deliciously dark and dangerous before she steps into the light?
But the problem with making a deal with the devil is that there is always a price to be paid.
The question is only how much…

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