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A Touch of Death (Dyavol’s Mercy MC #1) by Crimson Syn – Free eBooks Download


The Bone Collector

My name is Sasha Volkova,
Better known as the Bone Collector.
As Treasurer of Dyavol’s Mercy MC, I keep the numbers in check.
The one that organizes transactions.
The one who pays out what’s due and collects what’s owed.
Leon Kingsly is our connection on American soil,
A while back, he made a deal that went sour and put me behind bars.
Years later, there’s still a debt to settle.
A personal one.
And he will pay what he owes, because if he doesn’t,
it will cost him his left pinky, to start with.
Followed by his index, his thumb, his toes…
I will collect what is owed to me, bone by bone.
What I do not expect, is what he wants to offer me in exchange for his life.

Kristina Kingsly is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.
She is elegant, intelligent, and a renowned author.
An author with a connection and the key to the information I need.
A woman who has just been sold away by her father.
An innocent that has no idea I’m watching her.
No idea that she is my next target.
And while she’s smiling and signing away her books,
The devil is waiting in the wings,
Itching to have her sign away her soul.

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