A Thousand Second Chances #7 by Mia Clark (ePUB)

thousand chances 7, mia clark

A Thousand Second Chances #7 by Mia Clark – Free eBooks Download


Why’s everything so easy when you’re here by my side?

Except for dealing with the sugar-obsessed girl at the ice cream shop.
And convincing your friends that it’s not too soon for us to get married.
Oh, and don’t even get me started on your parents.
No offense, but they’re a serious pain in my—

But marrying you, Everly Adams?
It’s the easiest thing I’ll ever do.
If, you know, we figure out how to pull it off…

And I figure out how to save a life.
Are you going to hate me when you find out I hid that from you?
Because I don’t know if I can even do it.
I don’t know what happens if I can’t, if I fail, if I…

We had a thousand second chances to make today perfect.
I only have one chance to make tomorrow a place we want to live in.

What’s one day out of a thousand, though?
Turns out one day can change your entire life.

A Thousand Second Chances is a contemporary time loop romantic comedy series where the two main characters are stuck reliving the same day on repeat, a la the film, Groundhog Day. What do you get when one witty bad boy meets the good girl of his dreams, with zero consequences to any of their actions? Over and over and over again…

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