A Taste Of Darkness by Joelina Falk (ePUB)

taste of darkness, joelina falk

A Taste Of Darkness (Tartarus Club #2) by Joelina Falk – Free eBooks Download


Their love was never supposed to light…
…so they ignited it.

Cold, vicious, yet respectful enough to stay out of trouble, Milo Marucci blended in with the crowd while he stood out like no other.
Running away from his family was never easy, but hiding in plain sight with his name spread across the world appeared to be; until they were after her, of course.
She was the light to his darkness, an obsession he couldn’t conquer, nor did he want to. For her, he’d always show up.
Sweet, innocent, yet ruthless if she had to be, Sterlie Adams was the embodiment of peace… at least until she found herself chased by men she’d never even seen before.
If only she’d known earlier what caused her to become the Mafia’s prey. Or was she really?
Having loved her forever, Milo knew his life was too complicated to invite her in, even if she was all he ever wanted. He had to stay away from her, but then why was he following her to his hometown?
Back in the city he ran away from, getting closer to the woman he never thought he could ever have, he only had two options; continue to run and never see her again, or face his family to be with her.
But what would happen if both of those options called for a sacrifice?

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