A Sword of Gilded Embers by B.C. FaJohn (ePUB)

sword gilded embers, bc fajohn

A Sword of Gilded Embers (A Throne of Ice #2) by B.C. FaJohn – Free eBooks Download


The legend of the Winter Court King would prevail.

The fragile peace between realms shatters as Eero’s fight to reclaim his throne pushes the rebellion forward. War looms on the horizon, and his destiny rests on a blade’s edge.
Amidst the chaos, Aurelie and Eero uncover the darkest shadows of their realm that threatens the fabric of their bond. What was an unlikely union twists into life or death, and restoring balance becomes a greater threat than just reclaiming his throne.
A malevolent force born by the chaos of war emerges from the depths of the fae realm as Aurelie grapples with the consequences of her magic. With nothing but turmoil forging alliances between the courts and mortal kingdoms, she finds herself battling with a force beyond the stars that seek their return to power. More than the Summer King existed in darkness—and it had found its vessel to incite terror amongst the realms.
With an escalating rebellion, shifting alliances, and the curse tightening its grip, they uncover long-buried secrets that would either be the end of all wars or the end of all life.
But as a veil of shattered evil descends upon the realms, they have no choice but to face their deepest fears and desires.
Passion and peril intertwine—and fate of all hangs in the balance.

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