A Sinful Viscount’s Mistletoe Affair by Meghan Sloan (ePUB)

sinful viscount's affair, meghan sloan

A Sinful Viscount’s Mistletoe Affair by Meghan Sloan – Free eBooks Download


Isabella, a fiery young lady drawn to historical artefacts and the intrigue of strategy games, finds herself on the brink of an arranged marriage she cannot accept. Yet, a chance encounter in the library with the mysterious gentleman sparks a connection that leaves her longing for more. As her family’s annual Christmas celebration unfolds amid the swirling dances and a chess game, Isabella’s heart longs for the forbidden gaze of the lord who ignited her desire. Still, secrets simmer beneath the festive veneer, after the arrival of an unexpected guest…

Will she defy her parents’ lofty expectations and chase her burning romance?

Sebastian harbouring a shadowed past, yearns to unravel the mystery shrouding his father’s incarceration. Driven by his thirst for truth and a vendetta that refuses to wane, he joins the Christmas soiree. Yet, when his path intertwines with Isabella’s sparks fly and passion drugs him over to the daughter of the man he believes he betrayed his father. Among the devious machinations of hidden agendas, long-buried secrets threaten to reawaken, but his desire for the forbidden lady grows stronger…

Will he unearth the dark truths surrounding his legacy by the side of the bewitching Isabella?

As Isabella and Sebastian embark on an enchanting journey through a winter wonderland, where desire and destiny intertwine, they slowly uncover their growing lust. With passion and intrigue awaiting, truth may be the ultimate prize as schemes and secrets threaten to tear them apart. Amidst the waltz of secrets and desires unfolds, questions emerge, and destinies intertwine. Will Sebastian and Isabella solve the past’s mysteries and follow their sizzling romance? Will their sinful liaison bare the schemes or it is destined to burst into its own flames?

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